Acid Bunny

After pressing Play, you will press A and then click on Start Game to start Acid Bunny. To tell the story of his game. You’re a bunny and you have bad rabbits like you. You’ve had a bad mood before your mother committed suicide. You’re going to cut the bad bunnies that are trying to set you up, and then you’re going to try to sew the pieces with needle thread. Yeah, that’s how the game works.

It may seem confusing at the beginning of the game, but as time goes by you will understand how simple the game is. Use the arrow keys and A, S to play the game. As you move through the game you want to hurt you bad bunnies will be out of them by using the up arrow key to jump. Using the S key, you will try to damage the bad rabbits that will throw carrots. You will learn the number of carrots and can in the upper left corner of the game screen.


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