Yes, we’re talking about a web-based game where almost everyone in the world is famous. Very simple interface and easy to play logic because it is very popular and very popular game. You already know what you should do in But if you’ve never played this game, it’s a good idea to tell you a few things.

In the game everyone is looking to download each other to the stomach. But there is logic. Great little place but small, large can not eat. So that means you can’t eat a sizeable person from you. Well, how did you ever grow up ? You will grow by eating the colorful food around, and after a while you will eat the smaller ones and you will become much larger. You will be able to see the runner-up from the list at the top right of the game screen. You shouldn’t forget that he is the biggest game in that list. Why can’t you be the leader? If you want to be the leader, you need to be fed without bait.


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