Amazing Strange Rope Police

We’re back with a new 3D game with excellent graphics ! You will love Amazing Strange Rope Police. Your character in the game is Spiderman, of course you’re the one to lead him ! Spiderman is so adept that he has countless superpowers. Don’t forget to buy the yellow bitcoins you see to make money while you’re on your way ! You will need this money to buy various equipment in the future. The top right corner of the screen will show HEALTH: health, ENERGY: form status, and finally AMOR will show the number of bullets. To check the money status, look at the dollar symbol.

How to play Amazing Strange Rope Police?

In this game with many key combinations, you need to know the keys well to move freely and do whatever you want. You will use the keyboard and the computer mouse together. The left mouse button will move the sight on the screen wherever you want, as well as punch and kick at the enemy. You will use the super power of the laser beam with the right mouse button. Press SPACE to jump. Where you need to run fast, the SHIFT key will escape when you escape. You will use the F key to open the vehicle door you’ve captured on the road and press the Q key to fly through the air. You’ll fly in the air, hold onto the building, and climb up the building if you want.


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