Armor Mayhem

After clicking on the place that says Play, you will start the game by pressing the Start Game button and then selecting the 1st section and starting the game Armor Mayhem Unblocked with Start Mission. When you enter the game with the keys on the keyboard you will understand exactly what you need to play. Because when you play you will be informed with instructions on where you need to press the buttons.

You have a powerful long-barreled weapon in your hand and you will fight against your enemies with this weapon. Alone this is not easy ! Big disks under the ground will be turning to mow you as you move down the road. So you have to be very careful and never fall down. If you fall, you will lose the game and you will have to start playing again from the beginning. W, A, S, D keys to use, J to jump with the A and D keys will be left to the left, using the left mouse button to shoot the computer. You can track the power status in the lower right corner of the game screen where you can see “health”. Come on, what do you stand for? Now is the time to destroy your enemies !


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