Badminton Legends

Once you click on the Local Save button, you’ll enter Badminton Legends Unblocked after you or your friend choose how you want to play. Just don’t forget to choose the tennis player’s suit just before you go into the game! Of course you’re in power. Because at first, you won’t have money so you can’t dress the player the way you want it. Then you’ll start playing after you put it on your taste. In the meantime, let’s note immediately that the future of opponents is completely up to the chance.

Don’t forget ! Your opponents will be stronger than each other, and you will have to be very careful about the services that your opponent will be. You will control the tennis racket with Z and X keys left and right. In the middle of the game screen, you will be able to score the score status and time, and you will earn 1 point for each number you scored. Good luck with..


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