After clicking on the Play Game button, you will type the nickname you want to use in the game, determine the difficulty level for EASY or HARD and start the game Battlefield Unblocked. When you get into the game, you’re going to see yourself deployed with a sniper rifle. You’re a sharpshooter in charge of protecting the entire building from the enemy. As soon as the game starts, you will see the enemies moving into the attack with their rifles. And then your main task will begin.

Don’t forget ! You’re gonna have to fulfill your duty to win the game. Your mission is to download all this enemy one by one. It will be a powerful rifle in the hands of a powerful high-power serial shot. To see your enemies more closely and hit the target in twelve, press SPACE and put the rifle in zoom mode. This way you will be able to aim more comfortably. you will see a green bar on each enemy. These rods showing the enemy’s life will help you to defeat your enemy.


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