Big Head

You will start the Big Head Unblocked game with the START button. When you enter the game you will see a very nervous, green, big and huge dinosaur. That’s you, dinosaur. What is this ? You’ll see you shooting from right-handed tanks. Their goal is to eliminate you as soon as possible. Of course, you’re not going to get a pear against this attack, are you ? You will have to do everything on the road to crush everything against them, for this you will move left and right with the arrow keys. If you want to break your mouth by using the A or D key you can do that.

Don’t forget ! The tanks that want to kill you will keep you under fire at any moment. So you have to act carefully and make the most of your attacks. Time is very important for you because you will race against time. You will be able to see how much time is left in the top right corner of the game screen. You will be able to follow the points you have written in SCORE and check your health status from the ENERGY bar.


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