We’re still together with a brand new billiard game. Before you start playing Billiards Unblocked, you’ll choose how you want to play against the computer or with your friend.You need to do to click “computer, or 1 Player and 2 Player” on one of the options. Once you have made your choice, you will start the game directly. If you have played pool before, you will not be forced to play. But if you have not played before the billiard has certain rules at first, the game will be alien to you. But once you understand its logic, you will understand how easy it is to play.

It’s very simple to do in the game. There are 8 balls in total, 1 of them will be composed of stripes and solid colors. If you have what kind of ball you will try to throw those balls into the hole and finally enter the black ball to finish the game. The only thing you have to watch out for is not putting your opponent’s ball in the hole. When you make a mistake in this way, your hand and number will be passed to your opponent. If you think you’re a good news guy and you’re sure of that, what do you stand for ? Come on, your opponent is waiting for you.


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