Brave Shorties

The king’s beautiful princess is kidnapped by the enemy in Brave Shorties Unblocked game. So the royal is cluttered case. The king is very upset.The King huntes down enemy without lose time with his own army. He seeks for the priceless princess to find his daughter with a gigantic army . Even though the King had set up his army chasing his kidnapped daughter even though he had formed his army, he was completely in charge of managing this army. All you have to do is place the soldiers in the appropriate areas on the game screen and destroy the enemy with the various pitfalls and save the girl. The enemy from time to time to attack the king’s castle is coming to poll.

You must act very carefully to save the princess and never give the enemy an opportunity. In order to make a successful battle against the enemy, you will not only let the soldiers onto the enemy, but also make them survive. You will play the game according to the instructions shown on the screen with the computer mouse.


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