Bumper Ball

Before you start Bumper Ball Unblocked, If you want to play single ,you click 1 player, if you want to play with your friend, you click 2 Player, then press START GAME button to start the game. Bumper Ball will never be a stranger to you if you’ve played a game of air hockey previously known as table hockey. This game has a difference from the air hockey. There will be here ball in the Air Hockey. Still While you are using the mallet on the air hockey, you will use the shoe-shaped car.

When you click on the 2 Player option to play, the game will open two persons W, A, S, D or with the direction keys to play with your friend in which way you want to play. You know what you have to do, put the ball in the opposing goal ! You’ll have two minutes to finish the game. You will see the score status on the digital scoreboard just to the left of the time.


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