Brand new, we are happy to be in front of you with a game we think you will love ! His name is Castaway Unblocked and it’s a strategy game. After clicking the button that says START GAME, you will click on NEW GAME button and enter the name you want to use in the game and then start the game with SUBMIT.

When you enter the game you will read the instructions on what to do under the screen in the form of a chat bubble. If you follow these instructions you will have no trouble playing, W, A, S, D, or you will direct your character using the directional buttons. Together with your friend who doesn’t leave the game, you will fight against creatures trying to harm you by using various weapons. To do this, press the left mouse button on the computer mouse and click on the creature. Don’t forget ! You and your animal friend will have a certain life and will be affected by every blow you suffer from the creatures. So you have to act very carefully to win the game.


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