Cat Ninja 2

After pressing PLAY button, you will select the 1st section and start Cat Ninja 2 Unblocked. In the game you’ll see a lot of different places to open and successfully unlocked. When you start the game, you will see a cat with a sword in it, but this cat more different than the other cats. “Well, what ?” We hear you say. This cat is also a warrior ninja. Since you are going to play the game with a computer mouse, it is much different than other games. If you ask” why”, if you click on the game screen with the computer mouse, the ninja is instantly beamed to it. So it’s a lot simpler than the keyboard.

Ninja cat’s favorite fruit is pineapple and there’s plenty of it in the game. And you’re gonna give him plenty of pineapple, and this ninja cat will never lose its energy.After you pass first part, The enemies of Ninja confront its and you will help to Ninja in second part . You need to move it very carefully to win the game, because the Ninja will have 3 rights in total. You’ll see how many lives left in the upper left corner of the screen, and you’ll see the score status from there.


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