Cave Chaos

After clicking on the place where PLAY is written, if you want to play the game alone, you will choose ONE PLAYER, if you want to play with friend, you will choose TWO PLAYER. 1 Player will play Cave Chaos Unblocked with direction keys but 2 Player will play with W, A, S, D keys.

Although this game is similar to Mario-style games, there is a significant difference. While the stones on the road was being formed on the other hand, on the other hand will be destroy . So you need to be quick and careful in order to move forward in the game. There will be one vitality in the game so you will have to start the game again as soon as it falls down. You’ll also be able to collect green diamonds to earn points while advancing your character on the road. Don’t forget! It’s a must for fast action to pass the episode and win the game ! Good luck…


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