Chaos Faction

After pressing the PLAY button, you will click START GAME on the menu that follows, follow the instructions and start the Chaos Faction Unblocked game. In the game you are a gorilla and you will fight against your gorilla opponent. Press “Z” KEY to punch your opponent and kick with “X” KEY. From time to time, the rifle will pass by using the “Z” KEY to fire the rifle towards his opponent.

Don’t forget ! These weapons will appear on the screen at certain intervals you will receive in the same way you will receive. So you will be very careful and you will never give your opponent an opportunity to not be a target. A total of 5 rights to be found in the game. You will be able to follow vitality status from the bottom right of the screen. If you don’t have a weapon in hand, you’ll kick your fist and punch your fist, try to hit the target at 12 if you have a weapon, and you’ll have the power to neutralize your enemy.


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