Conquer Antarctica

When you start Conquer Antartica Unblocked, you will choose LOW or HIGH according to the computer processor speed. You will select NEW CAMPAIGN if you want to play one, then click on 2 PLAYER GAME for two person. The game will play using the computer mouse on both sides. In the game you will be your penguin friends and you are the only penguin who will make grenades, snow, rocket to the opposite side. If you want to throw the enemy to do this by clicking with the mouse and you will select the FIRE by pressing the place to shoot. With the DRAG opposite FIRE, you will determine the target direction. Destroy the enemy penguins on the opposite side with the weapons you will use. In the same way you will be shot with the same weapons on the opposite side. so you will be very careful. Finally, you will understand how many penguins are left in the red bar on top.


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