Crash Bandicoot

You click on the NEW GAME button and see the glowing door, you will start the game by pressing the up arrow button. As soon as you start playing Crash Bandicoot Unblocked, you’ll see red apples lined up in front of you. You’re going to eat those apples to be energetic. But ! On the way, you will see TNT and NITRO chests while eating apples.

In order not to lose the game and start the game from the beginning, you will never touch these dangerous chests. You will jump with the up arrow key on the crates you see with a question mark and you will break them down. Likewise, the question is to break the unmarked chests to earn points. When animals come out, you will not jump on them and you will not touch them. You will follow the number of apples in the top left corner of the screen, you will see the crates you have broken next to it, and you will check how many lives are left on the right side of the screen. Don’t forget ! You have three lives in total and you have to be very careful not to lose the game.


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