Damn Birds

You will press PLAY THIS GAME immediately after clicking on the place labeled CONTINUE, and then you will enter the Damn Birds Unblocked game with the PLAY button. When you enter the game, you will see a statue of a man with a rifle and birds flying in the air. Your aim is to make this statue hit the birds one by one. To do this by using the computer mouse to aim at the birds one by one and the left mouse button to hit the birds to hit the full two. You get 10 bucks for every bird you hit. When birds are flying, you have to constantly swing to the top so you don’t lose the game and you have to move them down one by one.

Do not forget that 50 bullets in total and bullets are not renewed ! That’s why you’re not going to shoot randomly. You will see the state of health on the left-hand side of the bar after every accurate hit of the birds will fall down and you will lose the game when that rod is completely empty.


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