Dead Zed

Are you ready to fight ? Yes, we hear you say ! Then this game is for you. Click on the PLAY button, and then press NEW GAME to hit the ground you will start the game Dead Zed Unblocked. When you get into the game you will see more than one zombie coming towards you. All you have to do is finish these zombies. You will aim well for this, and you will lock the target and use the left mouse button of the computer mouse to make the zombies bullet. You will also earn +10 points for you hit each zombie in the head.

At the top of the game screen you will see the health status from the place you see at the top of the screen and in the DAY section which is next to you. You have to be fast and fast to win the game. Don’t forget ! You’re gonna have to kill of one by one before the zombies get close to you and hurt you. Good luck with…


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