Death Worm

We are here with a brand new game ! After entering the name you want to use in the game, you will press the PLAY button and you will start the game called Death Worm Unblocked. When you start the game you’ll see a huge, hungry, hungry wolf with a giant mouth. Here, you’re going to lead this crazy wolf who’s starving under hunger.

You will move the worm with the arrow keys and help the wolf eat animals such as camels, lions, birds above the ground, and you will earn extra points from the animals that the wolf ate in succession. With the animals from time to time over the top of the jeeps to pass points to earn points to the stomach of the wolf should download. You will earn 150 points from large animals, 20 from birds and 5 from jeeps, and you will check the points you earned from the upper left corner of the screen.


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