Defend Your Nuts

After following the PLAY, NEW GAME buttons, in Defend Your Nuts Unblocked game you will select EASY, NORMAL and HARD to play what level you want to play one of them and you will start the game. As soon as you start the game, you will see a cute squirrel with a strong or strong arrow in the tree branch. Yeah, that’s the squirrel you’re supposed to do. You will fight the arrows against these creatures who want to hurt you.

With the computer mouse locked in the target after the left mouse button in the direction of the distance will increase in direct proportion and the arrow will go away so that you will pay attention to hit the target. You will see the number you scored SCORE and the middle part of the screen will see the number of chestnut. You will also follow the points in the upper left corner where you control the points of the gold stars as you hit the creatures.


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