Destroy the Castle

Destroy The Castle Unblocked. This name is quite popular because it may not sound alien to your ears. You’re an artillery soldier using an old cannon. On the opposite side of the castle is ready to attack the enemy deployed. Yes, they will be waiting for your ball to shoot with strong or powerful arrows that have a very long range and from that moment on they will start to attack you. All you have to do is let them rain in a row and blow them up one by one. You’il use the computer mouse for that. You will move the mouse to the left and the arrow will expand, meaning you will increase its range and then fire the roving to press the left mouse button twice.

You will earn 300 points for every enemy you blow up, after you destroy all enemies, you will move to the other section with NEXT LEVEL button. To be successful in the game you will move quickly and carefully and you will never give the enemy the opportunity. Come on, come on.


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