Duck Hunt

Made in 1984, very, very old, with the flash version of Duck Hunt Unblocked, which was once the indispensable game of the Atari ! It’s very simple to do. Yes’ll have a rifle, aiming the right shot to shoot the ducks flying through the air. If you want to play with 1 duck before starting the game, 1 DUCK, if you want to finish 2 ducks at the same time, you will start the game by clicking on 2 DUCK. In total, you will be entitled to 3 rounds and 10 right. When the dog is hidden in the bushes, the ducks will take off. From that point on, you will be able to sharpen the sniper, hunt the ducks one by one within a certain period of time, and you will earn 500 points from each shot. Come on, hunting is your job ! Good luck with…


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