Dune Buggy

Click the PLAY button to start Dune Buggy Unblocked, and you’ll drive a 4X4 Jeep in the game. You will use Arrow keys to go forward and backward. You press the SPACE key to jump. As you walk down the road, you’ll have dry heads, and when you see them, you’ll have to skip them by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard. You will not forget that the car will explode and lose the game as soon as you get stuck on dry heads ! You will escape the dry heads and you will collect the yellow stars to win points.

In the upper center of the screen you will see a red bar” HEALTH”, and you will check your health status. While you start the game, there will be 10 vitality. When you lose vitality, the game will be back to top, the souls will be reduced one by one, and when you are 0 “GAME OVER”, so you will lose the game. You’ll have four minutes in total, so you’re going to race against time. You have to reach the finish line before the end of the game to win the game. Good luck with…


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