Earth Taken

After pressing PLAY button, click SPACE button and press START NEW GAME then SPACE button to start Earth Taken Unblocked. You’ll see a man wearing a gas mask to avoid being affected by the dirt from the trash and the toxic gases from the waste. That’s your character in the game. Left and right arrow keys to move and A will shoot with the button and you will jump with the S key. Against the alien enemies will come out with the gun in hand to destroy them one by one. Your enemies will also respond to you with fire. The more you kill the enemy, the more they will be able to get the weapon, so you get more powerful weapons.

As you go down the road from time to time, burning fires on the ground will be careful against them and will not come into contact with fire. You will also check the state of health by typing HEALTH at the top left and from the bar at the top right. If you notice the warnings shown on the screen as you move forward, you will pass the parts quickly without any problems.


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