Effing Zombies

Click on the PLAY button, press START to place the EASY or HARD difficulty level and start the Efffing Zombies Unblocked game. You will see every part of the field more comfortably because you will play the game with a bird’s eye view.

In the game you will fight against zombies, you will destroy them by throwing bullets. In total, you will be entitled to 3 bombs and unlimited rounds. W, A, S, D or will move with the arrow keys, you will aim by using the computer mouse and shoot with the left mouse button. If you have more than one zombie on top of it, if you want to neutralize them in a short time, you will do this by throwing bombs by pressing SPACE. You will earn 100 dollars from each zombie you kill, you will kill 10 zombies to pass the section, you will check the status of the heart from the heart icon on the bottom right of the screen.


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