Epic Boss Fighter

After You click the PLAY button, you can start the game with W, A, S, D keys or only the computer mouse and click Epic Boss Fighter Unblocked. When you enter the game you’ll see a giant-sized insect and a lot of cubs come over it. The goal is to destroy the giant beetle and the cubs. So, there will be a weapon that fires continuously. On the one hand you will destroy the insect’s offspring one by one, while on the other hand you will try to shoot the huge beetle and run away from it.

In order to survive, you will not have to come in contact with the giant insect and its offspring. The moment you lose because you will be the only one in the game, you will start the game again. You will see the huge bug in the middle of the screen, and your own life in the lower middle of the screen. As the giant beetle strikes, the bugs will spill $ 1. You will collect $ 1 and you will earn another $ 1 from your offspring. It’s not easy, good luck.



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