Flappy Bird

It’s very simple to play, we’re playing with Flappy Bird Unblocked. Start the game with the START button. As we have just mentioned, it is very easy to do. To allow the bird in the air to pass through the green pipes without passing it to the pipes and to continue in this way. You will use the left mouse button on the computer mouse. You will have to click the left mouse button repeatedly to stay in the air. So the bird will remain in the air as long as you click, and when you stop clicking, it will start to fall. You will do this in a controlled manner, depending on the situation.

As you begin to pass through the pipes, you will see that the counter in the upper center of the screen increases by 1 point 1 point. When the bird falls on the ground or strikes the pipes, you will lose the game and move on to the head. Good luck with you …


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