FMX Team

You will click on NEW GAME and if You want to use which name, you will enter it. You will start the START and FMX TEAM Unblocked game with OK button. You will see 3 types of motion in the upper left corner of the screen. You will try to earn points by doing various acrobatics movements shown to you on the engine in a certain time. You will move the engine to the throttle with the up arrow key and move the engine forward and backward using the left and right arrow keys.

When going on the road using ramps to the front of the ramp will use the engine and the left and right arrow keys to try to make the desired movements in the air. You will see the points, you will win with your moves in the SCORE field at the top of the screen, and you will see the section in the left corner of the screen. You will lose the game when you hit the ground when you move in the air, you will remember that the total time in the game will consist of 2 minutes and you will act accordingly. We wish you good luck.


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