Frizzle Fraz

You will enter the name you want to use in the game on ENTER NAME , and then click the PLAY button to enter the game called Frizzle Fraz Unblocked. When you start the game you will see something cute or cute, purple and purple. Yes, you will direct this friend using the direction keys on your keyboard. First of all, you’re gonna take your little, cute little cubs with you. Against the horned creatures you will avoid contact with them in the future.

You will see the elevators going up and down the road. You’re going to use these elevators to go up. Apart from that, you will see barbed iron blocks to prevent your progress in the game. Likewise, you will also escape from these dangerous blocks to avoid losing the game. Finally, while you fight against enemy creatures trying to hurt you, you will collect the yellow keys on the other hand.



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