Gold Miner

Start the Gold Miner Unblocked with the START button. You will try to collect gold as a gold miner. You’ll have 60 seconds, so you’re going to race against time ! If you want to draw what you want to pull the hook at the end of the rope when the hook moves to the bottom direction key will shake the hook. You get 50 bucks from every gold mine, 20 bucks when you take a piece of rock, and finally, when you draw the question mark, you get a surprise amount.

It will be the easier and most effortless for you to take as little pieces of gold and rock as you can. Because if you choose a large piece of rock, pulling that piece of rock will be both slower and more laborious for you. You’ll follow the dollar on the top left of the screen, and the remaining time in the second right corner of the screen.


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