Highway Pursuit

After clicking on the START GAME button, you will press the white arrow on the right side of the screen 4 times in succession and enter Highway Pursuit Unblocked. While the thieves drive the money they stole from the bank, you will protect their vehicle against the police. To do this, you can use the left mouse button to release the police to the cops who follow the thieves, and you will download the police with the sniper rifle. From time to time, the hand grenade will pass to the police using the SPACE key to throw them.

In the upper left corner of the screen, ARMORED VAN will show the power status of the vehicle that the thieves are in and that you are responsible for protecting, and the AMMO immediately below will show the number of bullets in the magazine. You will see the number of hand grenades that you have won from the dollar symbol on the screen, next to the hand grenade icon. However, you will be able to follow the status of the points and the section in the left side of the screen where SCORE and LEVEL.


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