Little Big Snake

To start the game Little Big Snake, enter the name you want to use in the box named ENTER NAME under NEW ACCOUNT and enter the game with the PLAY button. Little Big Snake to manage the snake to use the keyboard, not the computer mouse, computer mouse where you want to lead you with the snake. In order not to lose the game, you will not even eat a snake that is under the control of the snake. Since green fart bugs will weaken your strength, you will eat everything that is smaller than those insects to hunt and you will try to grow. You’ll always grow by taking care of more hunting so you’ll be able to cope with big opponents. If you think the snake is moving slowly, press the SPACE key on the keyboard to increase the speed of the snake. You’ll check the power status from the lightning bolt at the bottom right of the screen and the roadmap from the map next to it. Good luck…


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