Mad Trucker

You will enter the game called Mad Trucker Unblocked with ‘PLAY > GO’. On the way, you will see a wrench, a restaurant and a petrol icon on the asphalt. Because you will use your car in traffic, because of every vehicle you hit, the indicator of the indicator with the wrench you see on the bottom left of the screen will go down. You’ll understand that his car is damaged. When this pointer is reset, you will lose the game and go back to the beginning. The same is true of fuel. When the petrol icon you see on the right side of the screen is completely reduced, you will not lose your fuel and you will lose the game again.

When you need food, the restaurant icon will appear on the asphalt. This way, you’re gonna need to eat. You will earn money on the other hand while you are on the road with your car, you will see the need for fuel, food and equipment with the money you earn. You’re going to keep track of the money you earned by the dollar symbol in the top right corner. Good luck with…


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