Manic Rider

After pressing the PLAY GAME button, you will enter Manic Rider motor acrobatics game and start with SPACE. You are a master motor racer and you need to make very elegant moves in the air to earn points. To do this, you will give gas to the engine with the forward direction button, you will try to keep the balance on the engine forward with the left and right direction buttons. If you land on the ground after a somersault on the engine, you will earn points according to your movement. You will see the score you scored from SCORE at the top left of the screen. Again in the upper left corner you will see the numbers on BONUS. Yes, this is important, the faster you reach those finishes, the more bonus points you will collect.

I mean, every time you lose, you’ll be back as a minus bonus point. You will have 5 rights in total and you will lose the game when you fill these rights. All you have to do is to score as many points as you can without tipping the engine. Good luck…



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