Mass Mayhem

As you can see from the CLICK ANYWHERE TO START warning, you will click anywhere on the game screen and click on the NEXT button and enter Mass Mayhem Unblocked. When the game starts, you will get instructions on what to do in the top left corner of the screen. When you start the game, you’re gonna have an explosive device, and you’re gonna blow this bomb in the right place. Your goal is to destroy as many people as possible and harm the environment. You’re gonna press SPACE to blow the bomb. You’ll have to fire the bazooka before you blow the bomb, so you’ll use the SPACE key in the same way as the bomb. After launching the rocket you will steer with the direction keys in the air and you will make the rocket fall to where you want. He’ll come to blow up the bombs after blowing up the targets with the rocket. You’re gonna blow the bomb in 3 seconds, or the bomb will explode on your own.

Don’t forget ! You’re going to be a bomb, so you’re going to be inactive as a result of the bomb exploding. First icon in the upper right corner of the screen, how many people will see that defused and you’ll know how many times you’ve exploded it from below second the explosion icon. Good luck with..


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