Miami Shark

After you follow ‘PLAY > START GAME’, you will go to Miami Shark Unblocked with GO button. You’re going to govern an angry shark in the game. The shark you’re going to control is so angry that he’ll be on his way to destroy it. You’re gonna help him with that. People in the boat, flying helicopters and airplanes flying in the sea, fish in the sea, so whatever comes to your mind in the sea and the air, you will make it disappear by the shark.

You will use the direction keys to move the fish in the water, to make it jump out of the water, you will first press the down direction button, after seeing the bottom of the water with the upward direction to jump the shark upwards. You will understand the aircrafts you need to detonate on the screen. If helicopter or airplane flying in the air, whichever or in the air from the marked place by hanging with the vehicle to sink into the water. To hang, you can open the mouth of the shark with any of the CTRL or A keys, and after the hanging, press the down arrow briefly to lower the aircraft to the water. You will earn points for everything you blow, the most points in the air plane, the helicopter will win when you drop. Instructions will be shown on the screen about what you should do in the game. If you follow the instructions properly, you will pass the sections one at a time. Good luck with…


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