Moby Dick

After you hit the PLAY button, you will start Moby Dick Unblocked and you will be a giant whale ! What you do not see the fish, you will catch the seafood like a jellyfish, you’ll stand on top of the water when you’re stuffy. When the oxygen in the water decreases, when you realize that you’re stuffy, you’ll get out of the water and breathe, or you’ll lose the game. Use the computer mouse to move in the direction you want, you will earn different points for each prey. While swimming in the water, health (heart), air and similar symbols will appear. You will always take these things and try to remain vigorous in this way.

When you press the BOOST button next to the bar with AIR in the middle top of the screen, you will start to move faster and hunt. You will get red hearts to complete the moment when you see that AIR is going to check your health status from the red bar on the top of the bar. While hunting, hunters will try to hunt you down. You will direct the computer mouse to the hunters and sink the boat with the impact you will shoot from the bottom, so you will get rid of the hunters. As you destroy them, they will continue to throw arrows at you again to hunt you down. While you are stubborn in this way, you will escape from their arrows and try to eliminate their boats.


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