Mushroom Madness

You will follow PLAY > ADVENTURE steps and choose if you want to play EASY, NORMAL and HARD levels and you will enter Mushroom Madness Unblocked. The game is extremely easy. All you have to do is kill the bugs one by one with the swatter on your hand. To do this, you will press the left mouse button repeatedly and try to destroy the insects in a series of ways. You will follow that how many life stay from the red bar, and you will act accordingly. You will win gold from every insect you kill, and you will see the gold you win by the gold icon in the upper left corner of the screen. In the following chapters, you will kill the bugs with the rifle.

You won’t mind that you have to be fast and serial to win the game, so you’ll never let the insects hurt you. When you move to the second part, not in the first part, you will have 3 right now. You will lose 1 life due to every insect that goes into the protection area and you will lose the game if you lose the right to three lives. Good luck with…


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