New York Shark

You will follow PLAY > START GAME and then click on the red button to start the New York Shark. You’re an angry shark. When you go in the water in or out of the water, you have to do is to smash what if it comes in front of you.

You will use the direction keys to move, press A or CTRL to open your mouth to break the prey, you will earn various points from each piece of live. When it comes to airplanes, such as helicopters, from time to time, you’ll fight against huge creatures alone. It will appear in the yellow icon to fight with whom. You will understand your opponent waiting for you at the top of the water. To catch his prey on the screen by following the down arrow on the screen by pressing the down arrow key to quickly jump from the water, press A or CTRL and open his mouth to catch his prey. You’re not going to think you can’t get anything if you try to jump straight out of the water ! You will follow the status of the points in the upper left corner of the screen and the depth of the water in the upper right corner.


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