After PLAY GAME > RACE 1, you will enter the game Offroaders Unblocked with the RACE button. You need to understand what his name is. Game 4×4 race. You will play against 4 opponents in 4×4 terrain with W, A, S, D or direction buttons. Using the tool on the bumpy bumpy road will slow down the vehicle and press the SPACE button on the keyboard, however, by using the BOOST mode, you will accelerate the engine and make a difference on the difference. When you compete with your opponents, you will collect green dollar bills from the other side and try to make money. You will see the amount of dollars you earned in the top left corner of the screen, and you will check the ranking in the game directly from the bottom of the POS. If you want to look at BOOST and speed situation, it will be enough to look at the indicators in the lower left corner of the screen. Good luck…


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