Penguin Massacre

Press PLAY to start playing Penguin Massacre. You’re a penguin with a gun. You won’t bring enemy penguins closer to their own space and you’ll use the weapon in your hand to prevent penguins from damaging your location. To do this, use the computer mouse, where you want to aim with the mouse and then press the left mouse button to fire.

Each of the enemy penguins will have a green bar on the head. With this bar, you will see how much life you have left. Don’t forget ! If the enemy penguins are on the iceberg, you will get hurt because they will start to mark the snow and you will lose the game after a while. That’s why you’re gonna have to take out the enemy before you get near the border. You will understand the health status of HEALTH, the number of penguins you have killed, KILLS, SCORE and the number of bullets from the CLIP bar. Good luck with…


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