After pressing the PLAY button, if you want to play which level you will choose any of ‘EASY, MEDIUM, HARD’ and you will enter the game called Penguinz Unblocked. You’re going to fight against penguins and enemy penguins. The enemy will try to attack you with the sticks in your hands and you will shoot with the gun in your hand and destroy your enemies one by one. On the enemy penguins you kill, money, health, bullets will come out, you will get them to get stronger.

Whether you want to use the arrow keys to move, W, A, S, D keys to move using the left mouse button to shoot the computer. You will see the number of penguins you killed in the top right corner of the screen, and the remaining rounds will be shown in the AMMO. Don’t forget ! There will be a total of 30 seconds and you will have to finish all the enemies one by one. After finishing the section, you will click on the NEXT ROUND button. Good luck…


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