Playing with Fire 2

If you are going to play the game alone, you will click on 1 PLAYER, if you are going to play with someone else, you will click on 2 PLAYER and you will start to play Playing With Fire 2 Unblocked. What you do in the game is very easy. You will fight against your opponent in a similar place to the maze. You will try to reach your opponent by exploding the interlocking walls with dynamite. You will move with the arrow keys and press the SPACE button to release dynamite.

If you leave the dynamite close to yourself alone, you will have to run away from the opponent because you will be affected when the dynamite explodes. You will not collect your pear in your opponent’s hand while trying to destroy your opponent with dynamite ? He will return you in the same way and try to blow you up with dynamite. There will be a total of 3 in the game. You will lose the game when you’re exposed to three explosions. The opposite is when you blow your opponent 3 times and you will win the game. Good luck…


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