Plazma Burst

We are happy to be in front of you with a new armed conflict game ! After entering the name on ENTER YOU NAME you want to use in the game, press the OK button, then click START GAME where you say, and then select the level you will enter the game called Plasma Burst Unblocked. Use the right or left arrow keys to move, A and S to move, use the up or W key to jump and press the left mouse button to shoot the computer. When you have to bend down, you just need to use the down direction or the S key.

If you want to hit the enemy, you will take the red target indicator on the screen and shoot. Don’t forget !
The number of enemies will be more than one, and you will act as one, considering this. You will look at the state of health in the upper-left corner of the screen that says HEALTH. There will be three hand grenades in addition to the pistol you will use. You’ll throw bombs from the keyboard to the enemy using the G key. You will be constantly informed on the screen where you need to press the button. After you finish the section successfully by following the instructions, you will press NEXT LEVEL to move to the next section. Good luck…


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