Presidential Paintball

Are you in the game with the US party presidents ? Yeah, we hear you say ! After pressing the VOTE button, if you want to select the presidents, click on it and you will start the game named Presidential Paintball Unblocked. As you can see from the name of the game paintball on the paint throw game. You can use the A, D keys to move to the right and press the left arrow on the computer mouse to fire the target gun in the hands of the president.

Your opponent will be another president and you will clash with him. You will see 3 boxes at the bottom of the screen. The box on the far left will show the number of bullets, the average time in the middle, and the rightmost box in the center. You’ll have 200 guns in total. As you see the RELOAD warning, press the R key to fill empty cartridges in the empty cartridge. You will see the opponent’s status on the top right of the screen. Good luck with…


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