Rabbit Sniper

You will press the CONTINUE > START GAME buttons, you will select the 1st section and enter the Rabbit Snipper. You’ll see a cute bunny with a rifle on the screen. Yeah, that’s the rabbit you are. All you have to do is use the left mouse button to fire the rifle and hit the heads on the steps and on the floor. You will shoot two birds, or even three birds on a stone, as the bullets coming out of the rifle will ricochet from there.

You’re only going to shoot 12 targets in total, so you’re going to shoot your targets carefully. You must remember that you have to destroy all turbaned men to win the game and you must act accordingly. After killing all the men, you will see the WIN warning and you will move to the next section, if you lose the game ,you will see the LOSS warning on the screen. You will see the number of rounds from the bullet icons in the lower right corner of the screen, and you will check the number of sections in the right next to the LEVEL. Good luck…


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