Raft Wars

Yes, we are back again with a new and beautiful game ! Press PLAY button, and then click on the area where you say SKIP at the bottom right of the screen and you will start the game called Raft Wars Unblocked. The game will pass at sea. When you and your friend enjoy the boat, the pirates of the sea will come out and attack you. You’re going to get back to the pirates with a gun that throws a tennis ball in your hand. You will use the left mouse button to shoot the computer mouse to the right as you pull the ball to extend the range of the ball, on the contrary as you pull the left to decrease the range of the ball. You hit on the target with each ball, the pirates will lose their lives a little bit more, and after a few shots they will destroy the pirates one by one, and you will understand how much of their lives are left by the pirates’ green sticks.

In the first part, after you finish two pirates, you will get a bomb and move on to the next section. In the second part you will fight against the enemy more powerfully in terms of weapons. In the third part, you will now have both a missile, a grenade and a first – hand gun. In the top left corner of the screen you will choose between three guns if you want to use the weapon and you will act according to the attitude of the pirates. Good luck…


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