Rocky Rider

Click on the START and then choose EPISODE 1 and start Rocky Rider Unblocked. In the game you will use the land vehicle on the beach. On the way you will collect the yellow stars and you will sometimes see the fire tube and the switch. To collect the stars, you will get the key to repair the tool. As you progress in the game, you will see red buttons similar to mine on the ground from time to time. When going on the road sometimes, such garages will come out of the cage. You will continue on your way by taking a more powerful and larger off-roader than the vehicle you are driving through the garage.

You will follow the points you scored in SCORE at the top left of the screen. You will see a place called BONUS at the top of the screen. While you go with off-road vehicle, when you complete five letters of the word ‘B, O, N, U, S’, you will get extra bonus points. You will have 10 rights in total in the game. Every time you blow your car, You’ll lose 1 right and you’ll lose the game 10 times.


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