Run Ninja Run

Press PLAY > NEW GAME to enter Run Ninja Run Unblocked. When you get into the game, you will see a ninja running nonstop. Yeah, you’re that powerful ninja ! All you have to do is get to the tent on the finish line. You will be faced with various obstacles as you move on the road, you will have to be careful about these obstacles that will make your job difficult. After you pass successfully all obstacles, you will reach the tent and finish the section.

As you run towards the finish line, you will collect the yellow gold you see on the road, and you will earn 10 units of gold. You’re gonna have a right to a single life. If you hit a wall or fall down, You’ll lose the game and you’re back to the beginning. You will play the game with the direction keys, you will need to jump up and down when you will have to bend down to press the direction key. Good luck with…


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