Running Fred Unblocked

After pressing SPACE, you’ll enter Running Fred. You need to understand the logic from the name. As soon as the game starts, a boy named Fred will start running nonstop, and you will help him against the obstacles that stand in his way. You will play the game with the direction keys, where the child jumps on the keyboard where you press the SPACE key. When you press the SPACE button repeatedly, you will have a higher double jump. When the child goes on the road in front of the iron disc, iron pile, gear will damage the child will be released. You’re gonna make the kid escape from such obstacles. How Does ? By bouncing the child, to the right and left, of course. You will be able to follow the points from the top right corner of the screen and the time spent in the game from the top of the screen. You will have the 3 lifes. You will lose the game, if you lose your lifes, you will click on RETRY button on the screen and you will start to play the game from the beginning.


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